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There are tons of blog posts out there that proclaim to have all the tips you need to make a successful blog, but I’m here to tell you that there is one reason why I constantly leave a blog behind. That reason is poor blog design. I can’t stand an ugly blog. In this day and age where there are thousands of WordPress blog themes out there, there is no excuse for a terrible looking blog.

Your Blog Design Really Matters

I can’t believe how many bloggers use the stock WordPress theme as their blog design. It isn’t only ugly design that will make me leave, but uninspired design as well. Your design matters, people. If a reader comes to your blog and sees that you have selected a blog design that isn’t unique or is flat out ugly, they will be just another one of your bounce rate casualties.

There are several factors when it comes to design that are important. I’m not going to go into what I think makes an awesome design, since my design sensibilities are going to be different than yours, but there are some general tenants that we bloggers should all live by.

Advertising Should Be Sparse

You don’t want a hundred ads all over your site. Not only does this take away from your content and theme, but it also makes your site slow and buggy. I know you want to make money blogging, who doesn’t. I’m here to tell you, however, that plastering your sidebar with ads is not the way to go. Limit yourself to a couple of ads, and make sure they are relevant to your subject. Nothing is worse than going to my favorite hamburger blog just to see an ad for a car. There is no chance I will ever click on that ad.

Easy on the colors there Sparky

I’m not color blind, but some blogs make me wish I were. I don’t care what colors you use, just choose a couple that go together and stick with it. Don’t put the rainbow on your blog, unless of course, your blog is about rainbows.

Regulate your font size

By regulate I mean make things consistent. I don’t want to see an H1 tag one size here and another size over there. It makes your design look schizophrenic.

Choose a font I can read

I know Google has a whole bunch of awesome fonts now, and you aren’t restricted to the same six you used to be restricted to, but hold down the fancy fonts. Make it something that is easy to read. Wingdings never helped anybody.

Bring on the images

I love a blog with a plethora of images. That being said put them in regular places, not all over the place. And make sure they are being loaded from a fast server so I don’t spend the whole time waiting for your blog to load.