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When it comes to digital marketing, there are literally thousands of ways to expanding your audience and developing a community. Coupling your social media efforts with your blogging is one of these practices that can allow you to potentially knock out two birds with one stone. If you’re trying to create compelling content that is both interesting and useful to your readers, chances are you’ll be using your large social networks as tools to spread it. Twitter, being one of the most useful tools available for a marketer, can be used in unique ways that allow you to generate traffic, build an audience, and connect with influencers in your industry. Here’s how.

Keep Your Blog Going and Keep Your Twitter Rolling

One of the greatest ways to promote your newest blog post or company update is to tweet about them. Many bloggers however, do not understand Twitter etiquette (Mashable has a great post about the rules for Twitter) or how to even go about acquiring an audience via twitter. It’s completely fine to tweet about the same blog post 3-5 times a week. It’s also considered best practice to use a URL shortener in order to fit in a juicier headline.


Generating traffic is one of the huge bonuses from using Twitter, next to being able to tweet pictures of what you’re eating. Many Twitter pro’s have developed comprehensive strategy guides that include statistics about why quote tweets are seen/retweeted 40% more than instagram link tweets. It’s important to do some research on best practice before taking on a social network with this kind of noise.

Building An Audience in 1, 2, 3

Sometimes building an audience can be as easy as posting your favorite article on the internet to your Twitter account once a day with hashtags. Users are seeing thousands of updates on their Twitter feed and it can be difficult to spot something you like. That’s why it’s important to post very interesting, information packed content that will be sure to stand out. When attracting an audience, be sure that you post content relevant to the people you’re trying to attract. Simply curating content from your favorite websites can establish a strong Twitter presence.

Connect With Influencers…Through Twitter

Just going through your Twitter list and direct messaging thought leaders in your industry can start the beginning of a bright relationship. Many of the connections that are made through Twitter can be used outside of the social network in order to expand your own network, build your followers in other accounts, and allow for things like interviews and guest blog posts. Be creative when using Twitter and use it as an extension tool for your blogging and marketing endeavors.