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2 million. That is the number of blog posts that are written and published online daily. According to Urban Times, that is enough content to fill the pages of TIME Magazine for over 770 years. Unless you want your blog to just become another drop in the bucket, you have to make it SEO-friendly so it can stand out and get noticed by your targeted audience.

Produce Only High Quality Content

It is an absolute waste of time to fill a blog with low-quality content. The number of posts that you have on your website has very little to do with your SEO, especially if you have not been able to appeal to the interests of your target audience. Identify key topics that would keep them interested and engaged. These are the topics that should become the foundation of your blog. Add related videos and infographics to your content in order to keep your readers engaged. Keep in mind that reading pages and pages of nothing but text can become boring very quickly.

Research Your Primary Keywords

Do not select keywords at random. Take the time to research the very best keywords that apply to your niche or market. A little research in this regard can truly go a long way when it comes to content marketing overall. Strategically place all keywords within your content, such as in the title, heading, hyperlinks and description. The title of your content should be the primary target since it is the first thing that your audience will see as they are searching for related content online.

Keep All Content Short and Simple

Remember that your audience does not want to spend a considerable amount of time reading through your blog. They need to be able to get the information that they need from your content and move on to something else. A general rule of thumb to follow is to make sure that the average audience member can read your content and benefit from it within less than ten minutes.  Include bullet lists and relevant subheadings to break up your content to make it easier to read.

Do Not Forget to Add Links

If you really want to get your article noticed, you have to cleverly use links throughout the content. Do not just place a complete URL at the bottom of the article; blend it into your copy by turning relevant keywords into hyperlinks. Creating backlinks from credible sources and other websites is imperative because this allows you to build credibility and trust with your audience.

Encourage Readers to Share Your Content

Social media platforms are highly effective tools that you can use to maximize exposure to your content. Your readers need to be able to easily share this information with their online friends without any complications. Doing so will draw even more traffic to your content and overall brand. This will also make it much easier for popular search engines to find your page and give you a higher ranking within their pages of results.