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Adam Harding is a full-time affiliate marketer based out of London and he was kind enough to provide everyone with an in-depth look into the best affiliate programs of 2013. He covers a variety of the top players in affiliate marketing and even has his own site explaining how to become involved with affiliate programs as a blogger.

OfferVault and ODigger

These are two excellent websites for researching the best affiliate programs in the industry.

These sites are especially useful if looking for CPA offers to promote where you can make money simply by referring a lead or a low cost trial of a product.

With some of these CPA offers you do have to request approval from the CPA Networks and some of them may ask for a telephone or Skype interview first to make sure you are a serious affiliate.

However, some auto-approval CPA affiliate programs do seem to be popping up in 2013.

Top Clickbank Affiliate Programs 2013

Clickbank is usually the first starting point for the typical newbie affiliate marketer when looking for products to promote. I actually made my first ever commission online with Clickbank!

Instead of going for the typical high gravity products with high competition, do a search to order to items by average value per sale.

Then you can find those high paying offers over the lifetime of the customer, even if the initial sale is just a $1 trial.

JVZoo and Payspree

These 2 affiliate marketplaces offer instant Paypal payments to the affiliate.

So instead of waiting to get your paycheck once every few weeks, you are paid instantly by the customer even if you are just an affiliate.

There are lost of low ticket products on JVZoo and Payspree that offer 100% commissions. These make very good offerings as your One Time Offers (OTO) for solo ads etc.

Many of the best affiliate programs in 2013 are now actually online business opportunities.

With online business opportunities you are usually provided with a turnkey marketing system that you can use to send your traffic into and convert into sales.

You do usually have to invest into the program yourself to qualify for resell rights, but the advantage is that you often get to plug-in to proven sales funnels with high ticket affiliate programs to promote on the backend.

By taking advantage of these top affiliate programs with big ticket commissions I found that it was a much easier way to earn a full-time income with affiliate marketing as opposed to the traditional low ticket ebook selling approach.

Visit Adam Harding’s website with details on how to start learning more about affiliate marketing here