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The effectiveness of influence marketing has been debated extensively the past few years. That’s because brands continually struggle to manage, maintain, and record their influencer relationships. While there is no doubt that these influencer relationships can be powerful for a brand, there are a variety of tactics that need to be implemented to make sure that these relationships are managed successfully.

  1. Monitor Influencers

Once you’ve established a group of influencers, you need to continually monitor their activities to make sure that you aren’t missing out on any potential opportunities with them. Your ability to grow and market your brand using influencer marketing is going to come down to your ability to put your name side by side with these influencers. Simply saying that you know or have worked with someone isn’t going to help you.

Consistently monitor what your influencers are doing so you can see if there are projects that you can collaborate with and therefore have an end product to show your customers.

  1. Report Results

One of the many struggles of managing influencers is actually reporting and recording the results associated with working with them.

“Social media has created an environment for ‘citizen influencers,’ but there are so many disruptions in the communication paths between influencers, decision makers, and the brand that tracking and reporting results is difficult,” says Sam Fiorella, a partner at Sensei Marketing, in an interview with Forbes.

Finding out which individual influencers provide the greatest results can save you a ton of time and serve as a financial boon. However, finding the right influencers is difficult because it isn’t always a matter of who has the most likes or followsers.

“Social Pull is not a measure of a single individual’s influence, rather, it is an audience-based metric that is a direct reflection of the quality and size of the Twitter audience that has been ‘pulled’ into following an account or mentioning a keyword @name, hashtag, or URL on Twitter, ” says Danny Brown, the co-author of Influence Marketing.

Tools like Peek Analytics can help you keep track of that information.

  1. Maintain Transparency

Transparency has become incredibly important as influencers are always going to make sure that the people that they’re working with are trustworthy. An influencer’s reputation is the most important part of their career. For that reason, it’s necessary for them to be sure that they’re protecting those reputations in every way possible.

How do they do that? By working with people that are transparent.

“Transparency is the word of the year,” says digital strategist Marcy Massura in her interview with Forbes. “It goes hand in hand with authenticity (they are BFFs). We see our brands striving to be transparent in all the areas of their business, from social conversations to access to brand information to crisis response. Transparency desire is a result of an over marketed and now skeptical consumer base.”

Without transparency, managing and maintaining your influencers becomes nearly impossible.

  1. Keep Track of Them

Managing and maintaining a group of even 25 to 50 influencers can be incredibly difficult, let alone when you’re looking at hundreds of them. And if you’re disorganized, those friendly relationships with your influencers will quickly turn sour. However, platforms like Traackr or a program like the Renown SEO Viral Blogging Program can make it easier to manage your influencers.

  1. Importance of Relationships

A lot of brands seem to go by the stigma that influence marketing is only successful when you have a ton of different influencers. While having a lot of influencers is great, not being able to develop long-term personal relationships with them is only going to leave your brand looking for a direction.

Sometimes it’s better to have five to 10 strong influencer relationships than to attempt to work on maintaining and managing relationships with 50-plus different people. The more personal the relationship, the more you will be able to work with an influencer. The more you’re able to work with an influencer, the more you’re able use their influence and learn from them.


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