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There is an abundance of useful information available to marketers and advertisers about how to successfully market, advertise, and use social media to spread their product. Each of these individuals and firms has their own opinion about what tools are the best for the trade. While some applications present useful and efficient methods of making things easier, employees at Nimble Media will swear by the applications they consider “their arsenal” when it comes to marketing, social media, and overall efficiency increasing. This article is going to take a look at four essential tools that Nimble Media uses.


When it comes to managing a large amount of social networks, creating auto scheduled posts, monitoring the private messaging from each network under one easy to use, intuitive interface, with 24/7 support, Hootsuite is best in category for all of the above mentioned. Keith Baird, the director of social media intelligence at Nimble Media says that originally when he first started managing client’s social networks, he was doing it manually. For a couple weeks, managing each and every account individually would take up to four hours on a daily basis. After doing some market research, Keith was able to spot an application that advertised it could cut the amount of time needed to do the things he was doing by up to 25%. The basic version of Hootsuite is free and offers the ability to manage up to five social networks.  Keith opted in for the business version, which allows the creation of groups to manage up to 50 social networks through the application. Hootsuite has saved him literally hundreds of hours of work and frees up his time to do more with his day.


While note taking is not considered mandatory in today’s marketing world, being organized and efficient are qualities that every manager is looking for. Evernote provides those and much more. Another free application available for your mobile device and/or PC, it’s a cloud based note taking system, very similar to Microsoft’s OneNote. Evernote allows an individual to create notes, to-do lists, and save content read from the internet directly onto its pages. What Evernote has been doing recently is what Nimble Media has been using to achieve organization throughout the firm; Evernote for Business. For less than $12 a month, Evernote allows its users to share notebooks with one another, and have them sync on a constant basis. When it comes to project management and getting information across a large amount of employees, Evernote is the perfect application. The reason it’s more efficient than simple email or meetings is that it’s available 24/7. Notes can be uploaded, modified, and shared across hundreds of employees; anyone can tell you that this is necessary for a smooth, organized, and intuitive firm.


Nimble Media is a virtually remote content creation firm. This means that there is no centralized office for its employees. They are scattered throughout North America and the rest of the world for that matter. This means that the traditional methods of sharing information, having meetings, and sending in documents to be edited have to be altered in order to fit the firm’s needs. Without the application Dropbox, Nimble Media would not be able to succeed with its current business model. Dropbox allows its users to share folders across the cloud and anyone connected to the cloud can use it. Nimble Media has a unique system developed specifically with Dropbox in mind, with project folders, writing materials, and edited documents and documents needing to be edited; the application is essentially what keeps Nimble Media ticking on a daily basis. According to Keith Baird, Dropbox is absolutely necessary when it comes to running a virtual telecommunications company.

These powerful, cheap, and effective applications have helped Nimble Media to grow into the company that it currently is today. They transform a marketer’s experience by eliminating the amount of time needed to manage multiple social networks. Having a notebook system application shareable on the cloud allows every employee access to crucial notes and project information without having to search for it elsewhere. Storing thousands of documents and programs on the cloud has never been easier and entire businesses can shape their strategy around these three applications.