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Social Media Marketing


We pride ourselves as digital media experts who know which tools to use, how to utilize those tools and when to take advantage of their scale and power in order to effectively deliver results for your organization. Partnering with Nimble Media means your success is our success. We understand that your ROI is all about customer generation, bringing together a community of fans via targeted traffic acquisition through search rankings, social media marketing and ad buys. Putting money into a digital marketing and SEO strategy has to provide a return that’s right for your business. Nimble Media believes that truly optimal SEO work is both an art and a science, and that fusion is precisely where we excel.


We track key metrics across all digital marketing activities and present our findings in our monthly reports to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t.


Identification and partnership with thought-leaders in your target market is integral to a fully optimized digital marketing strategy.


Framing your activity around a strategic piece of market analysis is vitally important, including identifying and dissecting key competitors.


There’s never been a time when staying social in a digital world mattered more than right now. Because of this, we have the perfect process for handling your social network needs, regardless of your company size or selected industry.


Expertly Managed Accounts

Whether it’s reaching out on Pinterest or stepping into the big leagues with Twitter and Facebook, our seasoned social media experts can craft the perfect account management strategy for whichever network fits your audience.

Catered Content Curation

Of course, simply spamming your followers with mundane posts won’t get your brand very far. To keep things fresh and exciting, our team scours the web for the relevant content that’s sure to keep the discussion rolling on your personal company page.

Community Interaction

Additionally, reaching out to community groups on sites like Google+ and LinkedIn also serve as the foundation for powerful social media marketing. By tapping into these public forums, we can help transform your brand into an authority on all the latest topics and news found within your industry.

Connecting with Industry Thought Leaders

For some networks like Twitter, it’s all about reaching out to thought leaders and generating buzz via sustained discussions. By enacting this strategy, our experts will not only keep your brand mentions at an all time high, but also foster relationships that eventually lead to guest posts and other powerful SEO endeavors.

Smart and Effective Content Linking

To drive traffic back to your page, we also place an emphasis on sharing unique, branded content. Working in tandem with our expert writers, our social media technicians can get the word out about your latest posts, which in turn funnels interested browsers back to your site.

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