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While there are the “tried and true” ways of creating content as a blogger or content creation firm, the modern marketer should be aware of the efficient alternatives available. In this modern age, there are blogs being created at a phenomenal rate. As of 2013, there were over 42,000,000 blogs on the Internet, according to Jeff Bullas. They account for a total of 25,000,000,000 page views per month, and there are over 500,000 new posts a day. These statistics alone are enough to make any marketer realize that blogging is a powerful way to reach an audience and even potentially gain valued customers.

Separate the Good Blogs from the Bad Blogs

One crucial note of importance about the majority of blogs online is that they are competing for one thing, and that’s traffic. A blog with great content and layout is destined to fail if it cannot attract a dedicated audience. Good blogs take time, but most importantly you need to be dedicated to what it is you’re blogging about. A good blogger understands the subjects they are writing about and displays a certain fervor that attracts an audience. The top 10 blogs are “niche” blogs that cover a specific area of an industry/hobby, according to Social Media Today. The infographic below gives you an idea of what blogs do well and which blogs are earning the most money.


The Importance of Daily Updates

Regardless of your target audience, keeping your blog updated daily can greatly increase your return following. Take, for example, a site like Mashable. They blog about the tech industry and social media. What was originally dedicated to curating content from other sites has transcended its original goals and is now considered a prominent news source for many of its users. This can be attributed directly to its viral subjects, excellent writing, and daily updates. Users of the website are comfortable with the knowledge that they can go to Mashable to get the latest news and happenings within the tech and social media world.

Expand Your Affiliates

Every marketer and blogger strive to accumulate affiliates. Having a successful blog with excellent traffic and excellent content is one thing; monetizing it can be a completely different ball game. Many sites explain the variety of ways to effectively monetize a blog and make money; none are more powerful than the use of affiliate marketing. This is when a business rewards one of its partners for attracting a visitor and initiating a sale. What makes this type of marketing a lucrative approach for bloggers is that if done correctly, the use of affiliate marketing can provide more quality content for their blog, as well as increase the avenues in which they earn money. The possibilities are endless when it comes to gathering affiliates.