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When it comes to marketing, there are a wide variety of tools available, but none have become as useful in recent years as Pinterest. With its alternative use of picture boards that display in an easy-to-use and dynamic page, Pinterest is one of the most visited websites on the planet, and millions of users check it daily. While not originally intended to be a marketing platform, more and more businesses have started realizing its potential. Whether it be trying to conquer Google search results with keywords or developing a strong community of re-pinners, it’s important to realize Pinterest’s full potential. The following information will provide invaluable tips and case studies used to measure the potential that Pinterest has for your business.


Pinterest for SEO Purposes

According to Jacek Potaczala, founder of Call2Pin, Pinterest’s SEO capabilities are huge. Based on his article here, in the course of half a year, search results for Lingerose lingerie went from 118th to first, mostly due to their extensive Pinterest campaign. Maintaining standard SEO practice by putting in correct keyword usage and constant pinning, Jacek was eventually able to get his Pinterest boards indexed. The boards would pass along their search potential to the actual website, and as the site became indexed higher, the boards would be indexed lower. After a Pinterest board has become indexed, they won’t lose their position for a few months time. While many specialists claim that Pinterest is dominantly in the US, there are many users world-wide that marketers can target.


Increase Brand Authority with Pinterest

One primary goal for many brands and businesses on Pinterest is to establish itself as a thought leader in their relative fields. According to Social Media Examiner, you don’t have to post your own content every time you use Pinterest; the most important thing to realize is to share from a combination of sources including your own, and make sure your Pinterest boards contain accurate and useful information. Followers of your Pinterest account will know that they will be getting the information they want and when they want it, lessening the chance of them following Pinterest boards of a competitor who is not posting relevant information. Building this kind of trust can directly correlate to an increase in customer loyalty and referrals from advocates of your brand.


The Reach That Pinterest Has is Far and Wide

One of the most powerful features of Pinterest is the amount of impressions it can bring to your business. Getting your pins re-pinned by prominent Pinterest users can double your chances of increasing impressions across the website. Getting users attracted to your pins is the key to success. Going back to brand authority, good content from the image to the text is essential to increasing re-pins and impressions. A strong pin has the potential lifespan of 12 months, and the amount of re-pins will triple or even quadruple your reach to other Pinterest Users. Gwen Wilson, from Simply Healthy Family, shared an easy way to shred chicken with directions and an image. Over the course of five months, the pin was re-pinned 35 times and the blog-post associated with the image was shared throughout Pinterest over 190,000 times. At the time, Gwen had a total of 1,100 followers. This proves that you don’t have to have a huge following in order to generate traffic.


These three tips are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what else you can do with Pinterest, and the types of marketing campaigns that can be solely based around this powerful platform. As Pinterest expands, so will the creative methods of driving traffic. More and more brands will eventually find it necessary to compete by creating Pinterest boards and using the methods outlined above.