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Press Release Writing and Distribution


We don’t believe in the notion that there’s no value in press releases. A carefully crafted press release helps build awareness of your product or service and can lead to a substantial increase in traffic to your site. That, in turn, generates leads and sales. Furthermore, optimized press releases are crawled by search engines, making them visible by both consumers and journalists alike. The best part? This type of outreach is still far less expensive than traditional marketing efforts.


More than 90 percent of journalists use search engines to research their stories.


Blending multimedia platforms like video, audio, text and logos on your press releases will help them stand out.


Whether you’re unveiling a new product or service or announcing changes to your company, you can get the word out quickly.


Crafting the perfect press releases requires a different approach when compared to traditional blog and article writing services. Because of this, we’ve developed the perfect strategy to handle your official release needs, covering everything from creation to distribution.


Learning about Your Upcoming Releases

Before doing anything else, we focus on learning more about your products and services. With this proper understanding of your brand and what you’re looking for in a press release, we can lay the foundation for content that’s sure to raise awareness.

Optimized Content for Visibility

Once we’re familiarized with your needs, it’s time to get to work. Aside from hitting on all of the necessary details regarding your release, our team of expert writers infuses your copy with content that’s optimized for search engine visibility, thereby ensuring that this piece rockets to the top of related search responses.

Timely Turnaround

Due to the time sensitive nature of these projects, we strive to turnaround your press release as quickly as possible, all without sacrificing the quality of the copy. Missed deadlines are simply unacceptable, so we employ a streamlined content generation process that gets the finished product in your hands as soon as possible. /span>

The Graphical Approach

Of course, today’s top tier press releases go beyond simple text-based offerings. If you need additional multimedia content embedded into your release, such as video, audio, and graphic logos, we have experts on hand who can handle these requests and save you the hassle of doing it on your own time.

Proper Placement

Once your content’s ready for publication, our team can help you pick the right channels and platforms on which to promote, ensuring that you engage the maximum amount of viewers possible when spreading the word about your latest release.

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