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Pinterest is one of those social networks that gives brands the ability to market their product and develop a community without annoying them with ads. What originally started out as an easy to use and beautiful picture sharing platform has turned into a network where millions can pin and share whatever they’d like. Large brands such as The New York Times and Better Homes and Gardens realize this as an opportunity to present anything from products, to articles, to recipes, and pictures to their followings. According to Social Media Today, Pinterest conversation rates are 50% higher than conversion from other traffic sources. Pinterest buyers also spend more money, more often, and on more items than all of the other major social networks. It’s only a matter of time before Pinterest starts sponsored advertisements, so here are some key reasons why developing your brand through this social network is a good idea.

The Analytics Speak

Pinterest for Business as of 2013 has had the option for brands to see a detailed analysis of what is trending on their boards. The viral video website Qlty Ctrl is a unique example of a brand that pushes traffic to its site directly from Pinterest, and it didn’t realize the amazing potential of Pinterest. Over the course of five months from May to December, Qlty Ctrl was averaging over 44,000 impressions on a daily basis. Despite its relatively small following of 1300 members, its Pinterest boards had unique content that was pinned onto other boards. Over time, pins that were published five months ago would still be receiving daily pins and likes across Pinterest.

pinterest impressions

This is a picture of the amount of impressions Qlty Ctrl has gotten between October-December 2013. Qlty Ctrl reported an average of six pins a day directly from its website. These pins were re-pinned by others on Pinterest an average of 100 times a day. With only 1300 followers, pins from Qlty Ctrl were distributed through Pinterest over 6,000 times in a two month period, resulting in an average impression rate of 53,400 per day. For a small business brand, this is huge reach for minimal work.

What Kind of Brands Are Successful

Pinterest is a social network that is female-dominated. According to recent surveys, it’s reported that over 90% of users are female, and this a huge piece of information to consider as a brand. According to Tailwind, formerly known as PinLeague, women are what drive traffic on Pinterest. Tailwindapp is a business that focuses on creating successful Pinterest marketing strategies for other businesses. They have an excellent blog post on Developing Strategies for Pinterest group boards that can be found on their blog. Fashion pins, gardening pins, and recipe pins are the most popular types of content that can be found on Pinterest, and the brands within those industries are taking the hint that the platform is an efficient way of building brand awareness and creating sales. As a business owner or normal Pinterest user, you know what kind of personality that you’d like to convey. Make sure the rest of your followers are aware and don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to posting content on Pinterest.