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You have a lot of great content on your site.

But traffic to some of your favorite blog posts has stopped, while others posts just never generated the traffic you thought they deserved.

Now what?

There are those in the industry who caution against promoting that old content, but Garrett Moon isn’t one of them. The founder and marketing leader for CoSchedue recently spent some time to discuss what to do about your old blog posts in an exclusive interview with Nimble Media. CoSchedule is a social media editorial calendar for WordPress, so when Moon talks about promoting content, we tend to perk right up.

Nimble Media has its own program for promoting blog posts known as Renown SEO Blogging (see the link at the bottom of this post). And as part of that program, Nimble Media will make sure all posts, even older ones, continue to get promoted.

That program was developed through trial and error, lots of research and by following some best-practices of content marketing gurus like Moon. He brings a unique mix of business savvy, social smarts and growth to his work in social media and content marketing. In addition to the CoSchedule blog, he’s also a contributor to KISSmetrics, the Buffer Blog, Unbounce and Social Media today.

Nimble Media: In a nutshell, why should bloggers repurpose old content? What’s the value in doing that?

Moon: Well, the obvious value is the time and money that you can save by reusing already created content. If you can reuse something that you already have, then you don’t have to invest the time into creating something else. So, from that perspective, it is just plain sensible.

The other advantage is that if forces you to think bigger and more strategically. Rather than just writing a blog post, you could be writing a blog post and a rough draft for a chapter in your new ebook. This type of thinking will keep you more focused on your long-term content strategy and probably more focused on evergreen content. This is a good thing.

At CoSchedule, we reuse all kinds of content.

Nimble Media: What about popular older posts – what’s your opinion on promoting them again through social media and other tactics?

Moon: Yeah, this is definitely something you should do. There are a lot of old ideas out there about the “purity” of a blog post. This sort of thing might apply to a personal journal or news site, but it doesn’t apply to the typical content marketing blog. We frequently recommend that bloggers promote their older (and especially evergreen) content via social media long after it has been published. In fact, we built CoSchedule to help them do to this very thing.

Nimble Media: Along those same lines, if you promote those posts again, should you top them off with any fresh content?

Moon: We have been known to encourage marketers to rework their older content if necessary. This is especially important on highly popular posts and content that performs well SEO wise. If it is drawing traffic, it makes sense to keep it updated.

One example of this is that we frequently adjust our headlines long after the post has been published if we see something better trending on Twitter or catching our eye.

Nimble Media: Say you have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of older blog posts. Could you face Google’s wrath by not doing a content audit on your older posts?

Moon: I am probably not the best guy to answer that question, but it seems likely that you could. The chances of bad links and dead pages would be pretty high, and they will penalize you for that. Google wants quality content. If your older content is past due, it isn’t doing you any favors.

Nimble Media: What should you do with posts that are, well, not very good? Keep them? Try to “fix” them? Delete them?

Moon: SEO is an important part of content marketing, but I think that it is important that we don’t allow ourselves to be paralyzed by it. I tend to always look forward. Never be scared of deleting old content and making it better. I love the idea of deleting an old post and rewriting it as something better. Google’s aim is to connect its users to high-quality content. Always strive for quality content and you will be fine.

Nimble Media: Can you please give three simple tactics/tips for handling your old posts?


  1. Link to them often in your newer content to make sure they stay relevant to your readers and to Google.
  2. Focus all of your efforts on high-quality evergreen content that will last the test of time. Fewer posts with a better shelf life are better than a large quantity.
  3. Use paid ads to keep popular or important older posts alive on Twitter or Facebook.

Nimble Media: When you’ve repurposed older content, should you promote them differently than a new post?

Moon: No. Your content isn’t a book. No one will read every post or page. Repurpose, reuse, and assume that you are reaching a new audience every time. If you are doing it right you should be.


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