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The internet is filled with businesses and individuals who claim to be expert marketers and provide daily content that is supposedly relevant and worthwhile. From my experience as a marketer and my strong background in the curating of worthwhile content to my targeted audiences, I’ve noticed that what’s being provided to fellow marketers nowadays is mediocre at best. It’s almost as if content marketers are filling up their blogs and websites with information that would be useful for someone who literally has had no experience in the industry.

Don’t Bore Us With The Basics

If you’ve been creating content and marketing for a good amount of time, you’ll start to realize that the content we marketers are being provided is playing out like a broken record. The statistics, facts, and opinions that are being created have been used time and time again. Take for example, marketers interested in learning about successful strategies when using the social network platform Facebook. Many writers being their opening paragraph with information like “Facebook is the largest social networking website in the world, with over a billion users…”. What I personally don’t like about stating this kind of information is that a) Marketers with any level of intelligence and experience will know this; it can be considered general knowledge and a complete waste of even mentioning this statistic and b) The reason that I am reading this article is because I already know this fact and I want to know how to capitalize on it. Blogs, publishers, and media websites need to start realizing that it’s time to step up the quality and ingenuity of articles, and not fall victim to good SEO but bad content.

Quality Examples of Quality Content

Another serious qualm that I have with the content that’s being produced today is the lack of developed case studies associated with the knowledge provided. I’m sure most men and women in the social media and marketing realm have read the phrase, “provide relevant content and know your audience in order to achieve a higher ROI”. Many articles will provide some more information as to why this is pertinent for your content creation strategy, but less than 15% of the articles that I have read actually provide a detailed case study to support this statement. If I were an individual who wanted to deeply understand why the phrase mentioned previously was so important for content creators and marketers, I would want to know who took this information and how they developed it to fit their needs. An example of a website that not only has articles about creating good content but detailed case studies to support their claims is Content Marketing Institute. You can find their case studies here, and all of them have information that resonates with good strategies that have proven to be successful.

The bottom line is that it is important that every marketer starting out their first year to become acquainted with the general information that has been available to a seasoned marketer of 4-5 years. However, as a content creation firm, you have to be willing to go the extra distance to provide your audience with information that is unique and can actually be used due to the case studies you provide. Providing content that you pieced together from other social media sites is going to continue this pattern of mediocre work and will leave your readers wondering why they read your article if it’s the same information patched together differently on another site.