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We Know You Want More Traffic, But Are You Using The Right Headlines?

According to the father of modern marketing David Ogilvy, “On average, five times as many people read headlines as they do read the body copy”. Headlines are the single most important part of good copy, besides the actual information within the body. What makes them so important is that they essentially set the stage for readers to know what to expect upon reading further. It’s the first pieces of information that the reader grasps. If the copy is of high quality but the headline isn’t inviting nor encouraging to readers, chances are that they’re going to skip reading the article altogether.

Here are some excellent tips from ourselves and the experts over at Quicksprout on how to right awesome headlines.

Create a Unique Headline

One of the most important tips to making good headlines is keeping them original and unique. According to Quicksprout, changing a single word within a headline can result in a 46% increase in click-rate for email campaigns. Today’s internet dwellers have simply had more experience and more time spent online than people of the previous generation. In an age where the internet is becoming the majority of what people use for information, work, communication, and entertainment, unique headlines will stick out like a red rose in a sea of white roses. You don’t want to put potential readers and customers to sleep with boring headlines, so take the time to develop captivating ones that can reach into an audience.

Make Your Headline Specific

Do you want your readers to know what you’re writing about? Do you want them to expect high quality work and to click through the articles they care about the most? If so, then it’s important to make your headline as specific as possible in order to reach your readers. Take for example this headline, “Nimble Media Just Increased their Monthly Blog Traffic By 60%, Here’s How…” This is the kind of headline that not only tells readers what it’s about and grabs his or her attention, it’s also specific and lets readers know exactly what they’re going to read about if they click or continue reading.

A Sense Of Urgency Compels People

If you have the opportunity in some cases to convey a sense of urgency in your headline, this is actually a proven way to get more clicks.

“Are you driving away loads of traffic because your headlines aren’t good enough?”

This kind of headline makes you aware of something that could potentially be damaging to you, and you’re more likely to continue reading in order to fix it. Write a headline with a sense of urgency and you’re more than likely going to get people to read it.

A Useful Headline Is One That Works

If there is no clear benefit to reading the copy underneath a headline, the readers will take the hint and read elsewhere. Regardless of the copy below your headline, it’s important to provide usefulness within your headline. From the moment that you grab an audience, let them know of some information that could potentially help them now and in the future; you can even go as far as using the urgency tip as well and inform the reader of something serious and pressing.

“You’re Losing Thousands By Not Making Effective Headlines, Learn How To Fix This”

“Increase Your PageRank by Oodles”

These are both useful headlines and offer solutions that are just one click away.

It takes time, experience, and an overall understanding of your target audience in order to figure out how to deliver the best headlines. Experiment and keep track of all of your headlines while maintaining a high level of copy so you know which headlines are effective and which ones just simply aren’t helping you.