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I’m writing to introduce a new product that we’re launching for realtors. It’s called Writtn and I’m really excited to share it with you.

Before I get to the product, let me explain how we got here. Nimble Media is a Content Writing agency. We have a team of over 80 writers that produce tons of content for a wide variety of digital purposes. We write blog articles, press releases, website content, sales letters, ebooks, and much more.

In searching for a new home, I had come across a website of local real estate agents in Toronto. Each and every one had a blog setup, but 9 in 10 we’re awful. Stale. Stagnant. Bad content — or worse, no content! So. Naturally. I set up product that was what I considered to be a best-in-class and robust blogging product that we would go out and pitch to realtors. Pricing was between $600 and $1200 a month, depending on the volume of posts. Our goal was to build great blog content for our clients, and leverage that content towards business success on a continual basis. Driving lead generation, selling homes.

It was a great idea. It didn’t fly. We found that too many realtors scoffed at the $7,200 to $14,400 annual price tag (for better or worse — our math suggested we could generate leads to empower our realtors to sell 5+ new homes each year, build a great digital presence and email list, etc.). Doesn’t matter — realtors saw $7,200 annually for their blog and said unanimously: “No Way”.

Hence Writtn. Built on the same principles: an abandoned blog, no blog, a poorly written blog with bad content, is AWFUL business. It looks terrible. It feels terrible. It’s a missed opportunity to make a connection with a visitor to your website. It’s a missed opportunity to keep that visitor on your site longer — and juice brand awareness. I don’t like this, and if your blog sits empty, you should feel pressure to get some content on their now!

Writtn costs $49 a month. It’s a wordpress plugin that we push our content to each day. Licensed and syndicated from us to you. Specifically built professional content for realtors. Best part is that it’s completely automated. It’s content that makes you look good. That converts website visitors into fans of your brand. Content that people share.

Our pre-launch signup page is @ If I’m speaking to you at all, please take a look and signup to our prelaunch. We’ll give you a 30 day free trial — and we’re giving away a 1-year free subscription as part of the prelaunch as well.