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You’ve got your website up, your business cards printed and you even have an active blog. But now you want to gain some traction, aka interaction.

Therefore, you have to be social. By making your blog posts easy to share through social networks, the amount of people your business will be exposed to multiplies exponentially. But that’s not the only way to make your posts more visible. For details about the new Renown SEO Viral Blogging program, see details at the end of this post.

For now, here are some of the most foolproof ways to make your blog posts irresistibly sharable.

Have Your Social Media Comments Post On Your Blog

If you’ve tried sharing your blog posts on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that when people react to your post, they’re posting their comments on the Facebook thread as opposed to writing them in the comment section of the blog post itself.

“My philosophy has always been to host conversations in the places where your community wants to have them, and over the years as Facebook has become such a mainstream place for content marketing for many consumer brands, inevitably a lot of the buzz we create online has moved there, away from the blog”, blogger Yusuf Bhana said.

By downloading this plugin on Facebook, the comments will show up on both your blog post and your Facebook page, regardless of where they choose to comment. This will combine the interactions, creating more dialogue for your customers to feed off. And the bigger the reaction, the wider the social spread.

If you’re interested in applying a similar function for your Twitter page, you can use this nifty plugin that will search for tweets about your blog post and add them to the comment section of your blog.

Add Social Media Icons To Your Posts

Not every single one of your blog posts is going to hit home, and if your readers have to go out of their way to repost, they simple won’t. However, if sharing is made easy for them, and they like what you had to say, they’re more likely to hit share without really thinking about it.

Do a roundup of the social networks your customers are using and implement those share buttons onto your posts. Don’t bother putting an option for every social network out there; it’ll just overwhelm them. A couple of our favorite options for getting those clickable icons onto your posts include DiggDigg Plugin and Sharaholic.

Make sure the icons are large enough so that they’re easy to spot. If readers have to spend more than a couple seconds trying to find the share button, they may lose patience and move on to something else.

Reference Influencers in Your Niche

By using a tool such Social Crawlytics, it’ll be easy to find the experts within your niche. Using a tool like this will help you develop a list of key influencers that you can quote and link back to throughout your posts. People will generally re-tweet or share a post that they were mentioned in because it solidifies their expert reputation in the eyes of their audience. It becomes a win-win because they get an outside source praising their work, and you get exposed to their list of followers, thus raising your credibility as well.

Include Photos

“Psychologically, consumers love imagery, and seeing visually appealing things creates positive emotions. Most people – between 65 and 85 percent – also describe themselves as ‘visual learners,’ forming meaning and organizing thoughts based on what they see more so than what they read,” says Katherine Vong, a writer for Trend Reports.

With the boom of photo sharing sites, such as Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest, people are getting more used to digesting information through imagery. To encourage sharing, use software such as PicMonkey or I’d Pin That, which will allow you to incorporate images that directly link back to social media pages.


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