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Most working professionals check their emails several times a day. If you’ve managed to get past the gatekeeper and confirm an email subscription with your reader, they will see your newsletters or promotions. Although, like most things in life, it’s not about getting it, it’s about keeping it. In this case, your reader/potential customer has ponied up their email address, which is half the battle. But what you really want is for them to actually read your mail once it’s delivered and hopefully capture their attention enough to guide them back to your website and make a sale.

This is easier said than done.

Using words that are not only persuasive but also hit your readers’ emotional trigger points are the surest way to encourage a reaction, or in other words, a transaction. Listed below are some of the main emotions you’ll want to target along with some helpful strategies on how to go about it.


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You see, many of the decisions we make are just a way to avoid pain. We want to maintain the most harmony with our emotions as possible, and the surest way to do so is avoid pain triggers at all costs (unless you’re into that sort of thing). The rest of us would like to avoid, avoid, avoid. Therefore, corporations that attach their campaigns to the emotion of fear develop their message accordingly. As stated by Robin Wilson, a writer for Psychology Today, “They present a scenario they hope will invoke our sense of fear.  Then they show us a solution – a path back to our comfort zone – that entails using their product or service.  Fear is used to sell virtually everything: cars, tires, and life insurance are classics.”


By contrast, many use trust as part of their email marketing campaign. When it comes to receiving emails, the junk folder is usually just as busy as the inbox. Think about your on personal mailboxes – how much spam do you have coming into your junk folder, or even worse, into your inbox on a daily basis? The companies that are emailing you their annoying newsletters were once upon a time a company you subscribed to because they were probably offering you something you wanted for 5 minutes of your life, five years ago, and now you can’t get rid of them.

You don’t want your company to be like them. And the only way to make sure that’s not the case is to deliver what you promised and don’t trick them into anything. Don’t offer them a high quality eBook in exchange for their email address and then blast them with promotions. As Jon Miller says in one of his articles for Inc, “Sure this person signed up for a best-practices newsletter, but our sales team needs all the help they can get, we’ll send out a promotion. There isn’t an easier way to lose the trust of your reader. Your consumers do not care about your schedule; they care about what’s relevant to them.”

Just because they were willing to give up their email address doesn’t mean they trust you yet, and if you want to turn your email list into long lasting clients, don’t break their trust.


The way you use your language will either make your reader feel spoken to or spoken at. The tone can dictate whether you are making them feel like you care and you want them to be part of something that will help them and their business, or it can feel like a hard sale which they will skip right over.

“When you sell to a customer, give them something else to make them feel like they are now part of your community,” KISSMetrics says. “This also builds fanatical loyalty that has your customers proud to be included in your group.”

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