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eBooks and eCourses

Few content marketing strategies will position you as an influencer in your respective industry the way an eBook or an eCourse can. These types of high-value content help educate your target audience, but they’re also a great way to generate new leads and build email subscription lists. But there’s another reason why you should consider these tactics. Due to the amount of work involved, few brands turn to eBooks or eCourses. Consider these statistics: Nearly six in 10 companies consider eBooks to be highly effective, but only three in 10 have an eBook. In other words, you’ll stand out with this type of content – and your target audience will love you for it.


We can submit most large-scale projects in a month or less, ready to publish.


You can select a basic package that’s text heavy, or one that’s interactive that further engages your community.


Your eBook or eCourse will go through a minimum of two layers of copy editing before it’s submitted to you for review.


Naturally, investing in this kind of long form content isn’t a decision you should take lightly. To ensure you know exactly what you’re in for, here’s a breakdown of our top quality eBook and eCourse creation process.


Trained and Experienced Staff

Not just any writer will do when it comes to eBooks and eCourses. With this in mind, we employ the services of trained and experienced staff that know exactly what it takes to generate high quality content on this scale..

Offering Your Audience Something Unique

Of course, the process goes far beyond having a writer that can create passable content. To help cement your status as a market innovator, our experts go beyond the basic information with in-depth and powerful research tactics.

Flexible Content Packages

To fit the project to your standards, we offer a flexible approach to long form content generation. Whether you need something that’s text heavy, or you’re looking for a project that’s more interactive, we can shape and mold our process to accommodate your unique needs.

An Emphasis on Perfection

Just because the project is longer than a standard blog or article order doesn’t mean we take our copyediting any less seriously. With at least two layers of editing and review between you and the finished project, we can confidently guarantee that when your eBook or eCourse ships out, it’s completely devoid of grammatical errors.

Fitting the Project to Your Schedule

The last thing you need is for your long form content to show up late before your big reveal at an industry trade show or gathering. To keep this calamity from becoming a reality, we strive to turn around these large-scale projects as fast as possible, often in a month or less.

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