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Wouldn’t it be great if you could see a huge increase in traffic?

That’s exactly what happened recently for one of Nimble Media’s clients, and the cause of the increase came from an unlikely source: a quiz.

Nimble Media recently ran a quiz tailored for a client’s customers (including potential customers), and it was a huge hit. The quiz was viewed more than 2,000 times – modest numbers, no doubt. But that simple quiz far eclipsed the number of views any previous post had generated by more than 1,500 views.

And because of that quiz, traffic to the client’s website and social media properties increased, and they picked up several new clients who had never heard of them before taking the quiz.

New Way to Reach, Engage Your Audience

Making yourself visible is vitally important. Nimble Media, for example, has a new Viral Blog Program that helps make all blog posts more visible while also generating email subscription lists. (You can learn more about the program at the bottom of this post.)

But in order to be successful with your digital marketing efforts, you have to create the type of content that your audience wants.

That’s a big reason why quizzes have been all the rage recently, as highlighted in CopyBlogger’s recent post, “The Marketer’s Guide to Using Quizzes to Reach and Engage Your Audience.”

First and foremost, quizzes are fun. People love learning what kind of “Game of Thrones” character they would be, or, as highlighted in the CopyBlogger post, what kind of cake the quiz takers would be. CopyBlogger focused on the huge success Food52 had with one of its quizzes. That particular quiz was created as a way to draw awareness for several new cake recipes Food52 had on its site. The results of the quiz not only showed each quiz taker’s “cake type,” but it also linked back to the recipes for those cakes on Food52’s blog.

Within three days, that quiz had been viewed 20,000 times.

“Building popular quizzes is not simple,” Josh Haynam wrote  for CopyBlogger, “but once you understand how quizzes can be incorporated into your content marketing, you can use them as a new way to reach and engage your audience.”

Haynam is the co-founder of Interact, a company that generates quizzes and email leads. In the CopyBlogger post, Haynam detailed three aspects of quizzes: how to create intriguing quizzes, ways to use quizzes and how to distribute them. It’s well worth the read.

Great Way to Market Yourself in a “Fun” Way

iradArticle-Writing recently published a Q&A with Irad Eichler, the owner of Wheeldo, which is a company that produces quizzes that can be embedded onto a website. (The quizzes are easy to set up, too.)

Eichler, as it turns out, has been on the quiz bandwagon for quite some time. The reason? Wheeldo, he said, constantly looks at ways to engage its audience beyond traditional methods. And it’s not afraid to try something new. Hence, the Wheeldo quizzes were born.

“Games are a great way to win engagement with the content you create,” he said in the post. “It is viral, engaging and easy to get users’ action (call to action). When one uses content games, he or she gets their audience exposed to small pieces of marketing information in a fun and engaging way.”


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