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There was a time when I would have said that Facebook was the most important social network for your blog to be on, and it may still be so. However, it seems it is getting harder and harder to get clicks from FB. One of my blogs has almost 1,000 likes and I get very little traffic from the social giant. It seems odd that that many people could be seeing my content each day and not click on at least some of it. Here are some things you should know before you invest time and money on Facebook marketing.

Only 1% of your Likes will see your posts

It is a known fact that Facebook doesn’t actually show all of your posts to every single like. It is said that only between 0.7 and 1% of your likes will see your posts on a daily basis. This means that for my blog of 1,000 likes, only 10 people actually see each post. That’s pathetic, really, especially thinking of how much work I put into getting up to 1,000 likes. It makes me sad and angry, which is a feeling that I don’t like. Not one bit.

The reason for this, at least from FB’s point of view, is that people don’t want their stream spammed with a whole bunch of posts. Which is true. The way they get around this is to only show popular posts to users, which means if you don’t already have a community that likes and shares a bunch of your posts, it is likely that your posts won’t get into many user’s streams.

Facebook is not your friend

Facebook is trying to make money. They don’t really care about user’s streams and the amount of your posts in there. What they want you to do is to spend money on their ads to promote your content. If you do their “Promoted Stories” ad you might spend $10 per ad. If you choose a more traditional advert, you can spend a lot more.

As an experiment, I sponsored one of my recent posts. It cost me $10, but it was an experiment so who cares? It was up for three days and was exposed to 400,000 people. Out of all that I got 14 like and 3 shares. It was definitely not worth ten bucks. While you may have different results, I’ve heard of similar stories to mine.

The question is whether or not Facebook is a good place to spend your time on. Should you try and promote your blog there? My answer to that is yes, kinda. Every blogger should put some effort into Facebook. They just need to be realistic with their expectations. Set up automatic posting and sprinkle in some posts with pictures and links to other sites, and see how it goes. Maybe you can build up a community. Building a community is the only way to go on Facebook. Relying on just your likes to get you clicks won’t work.