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Digital Marketing Strategy

We pride ourselves as digital media experts who know which tools to use, how to utilize those tools and when to take advantage of their scale and power in order to effectively deliver results for your organization. Partnering with Nimble Media means your success is our success. We understand that your ROI is all about customer generation, bringing together a community of fans via targeted traffic acquisition through search rankings, social media marketing and ad buys. Putting money into a digital marketing and SEO strategy has to provide a return that’s right for your business. Nimble Media believes that truly optimal SEO work is both an art and a science, and that fusion is precisely where we excel.


We track key metrics across all digital marketing activities and present our findings in our monthly reports to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t.


Identification and partnership with thought-leaders in your target market is integral to a fully optimized digital marketing strategy.


Framing your activity around a strategic piece of market analysis is vitally important, including identifying and dissecting key competitors.


There’s so much more to handling your digital marketing needs than just slapping together a few blogs and social media posts. To really boost your ROI in this area and bring you excellent brand visibility, we’ve created a powerful, and efficient, strategy that can turn your organization into an industry thought leader in no time.


Laying the Foundation With Market Intelligence

Before stepping foot into your industry, we do our homework. By spending time gathering intelligence about your brand and the related fields, we can expertly craft a unique and potent strategy that’s designed specifically with your needs in mind.

Expansive Social Media Representation

Making a mark isn’t just about being active on Facebook anymore. With experts dedicated to social media management across all the major platforms, we can find the target audience that matters most to your brand and connect with them on the social networks they prefer.

Connecting with Influencers to Spread Your Message

Spreading your message requires more than just posting regularly on the right networks. To build opportunities for future collaborations and keep your company in the conversation, we identify and connect with industry influencers that add credibility and visibility to your brand awareness campaign.

First Class Content Creation

No digital marketing campaign is complete without blog and web content that pulls in search engine traffic. To maximize your investment on this front, our first class writers generate copy that’s designed to rake in the views thanks to top-notch SEO tactics.

Monthly Reporting Puts You in Control

As part of this plan, you’ll receive a monthly breakdown of everything that’s happened with your digital marketing campaign. This report keeps you in the loop and provides the hard facts to support any changes or recalibration to the established strategy.

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