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“It’s not how you start, but how you finish that counts.” Here are a few great tips for applying that motto when creating a strong conclusion for your next article.

Use the Opening to Keep the Reader Engaged

The opening line of your introduction clearly did its job by hooking the reader to make it this far within your article. However, according to the San Francisco Edit, the opening line of your conclusion needs to be just as strong when it comes to helping them to cross the finish line. Open with an informative yet engaging statement that will keep them interested in finding out how your article ends. Doing so will make them feel as if they will be missing something valuable if they stop reading too soon.

Never Forget to Add a Call to Action

An effective call-to-action is a requirement for every article that you write – especially if your goal was to convert a unique visitor into a paying customer, according to Social Media Today. There are several different approaches that can be taken within your conclusion to achieve this goal. 

You can add a simple form submission feature into your web design to allow them to subscribe to your mailing list. You can also provide links to related content elsewhere within your website to keep them interested in other valuable information you have to share with them, according to Entrepreneur. If you are not sure how to develop a strong call-to-action, consider reaching out to a Toronto based SEO agency or content marketing firm for their expert guidance in this regard. 

Ask Yourself “So What?” and Respond

As your readers are scanning through your article, they are going to be searching for its purpose and overall value. It is imperative for you to highlight the importance of your article within the conclusion, according to St. Cloud State University. Treat it as if you are delivering your article as an oral speech to an actual customer. Towards the end, he or she might ask “So what?” or “Why should I care?” 

Therefore, when developing your conclusion, find creative ways to answer those questions for your readers. It may seem self-explanatory to you, but you are not included within your target audience.

Pay Close Attention to Honest Feedback

You are now using the perfect openings for your conclusions to keep readers engaged. You have even mastered the art of including an effective call-to-action to boost your conversion rate and enhance active engagement. Each supporting statement within your conclusion reminds your readers of the significance, purpose and overall value of your content. The last step is to simply pay attention to your responses. 

Study your website analytics to see how much time people spent (on average) reading the article. Focus on comments, ratings and social media shares as well in order to closely examine the feedback your article is receiving. When trusting in the services of a professional team of experts, such as a Toronto based SEO agency, these are the areas that they will check periodically to ensure your content is effectively developed and your conclusions are as strong as possible.