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Email isn’t dead, despite what some in the blogosphere might say. Now that’s said, it should be noted that it’s getting harder to get authentic email addresses to use in a marketing campaign. What is an authentic email? It’s the email that people give you when they really want to receive what you’re sending. There is so much spam that crosses the average email account every hour of every day, you’ve got to really gain a potential customer’s trust before you can turn them into a lead, let alone a sale. So how do you do that? There’s several steps you should follow to snag emails of relevant and real customers. The work isn’t done there either. What you do with those emails is where the real work starts.

Sign Up For an Email Content Management Service

Gone are the days of trying to manage your contact list on your own. There are so many different email management services out there that will do it for you. A really great site is Constant Contact. You can create everything from a press release to a newsletter. You can even create an event marketing campaign and sell tickets through their site. Once you start using an email management site, make sure that you’re managing your lists. Most sites will flag those emails that are blocking you or that no longer exist. Beyond that, make sure you look at your email open rates and social media links. All of those should be included in whatever management site you use. You can see what type of emails people are reading, and what emails just aren’t getting a good response.

Give Something For Free

Just because you have received a name and email doesn’t mean you have a lead. It’s merely the first step. Now it’s time to use that email address for marketing and growing your business. An easy way to get your foot in the door is to offer something for free. Offer a free tip of your expertise if they sign up. Promise to unlock other features or newsletter content once they sign up. Make sure that somebody is rewarded for giving up their email. One very important thing to note, whatever you give in return for that email, make sure it’s instantaneous. The minute they sign up, send a thank you and welcome along with your free content. You want to make sure you stay top of mind.

Send Great Content Frequently

If you’re just starting out with email marketing, or you’ve been at it for a while but just aren’t seeing your desired results, it may be a frequency issue. How often are you sending content-filled emails or newsletters? If you don’t have something you’re specifically writing and posting about, you can do a round-up of other great industry leaders and posts. Whatever you send, make sure it has value. Sending too many emails makes all of them seem spammy. In addition to that, if you aren’t including anything of value in your emails, it will also seem like spam.

Learn to Link

If you’re looking to turn a profit from your email list, you’ve got to provide some free content mixed with links for more in-depth paid content. Even if you’re not looking for a sale from your email list, you should still include links to other great content that lives on your website. The goal should be to keep them coming back to your site, and coming back frequently. Your email list is a relationship building block with your client. Once you build the trust that you’re not spam, and you really do have something great to offer, getting return customers will be a breeze.

Once your email marketing plan is up and running, make sure your social media plan is seamlessly integrated into your email marketing. One really shouldn’t exist without the other. They shouldn’t be carbon copies of each other, but they should definitely feed into each other. Always include links within your emails to your social pages, and vice versa. Every time you send a newsletter or great email content, create a social post with links to get your audience to sign up. Make sure they know that they’re getting extra value by signing up for your email blasts.

Sign Up For Other Email Resources

One of the best ways to create your own success is by taking note of how other successful stories are being built. A really great resource for email marketing and content writing is CopyBlogger. Since starting in 2007, their site is now averaging 130,000 visitors per month. Everything they offer is content marketing related. From webinars to eBooks, enewsletters and seminars, they offer it. A lot of what they offer is free, and some of their services are paid. Each blog post on CopyBlogger ends with a list of links for more in-depth tools and content related to the post, either in an ebook or webinar. The ROI for offering those other resources is enormous, and really pays for itself.

Sites like CopyBlogger and HubSpot are successful at what they do, but it’s taken them a while to get there. A lot of trial and error goes into building your online business. By getting great tips and watching how others in the industry are successful, you can learn great points on building your own business.

Feature a Guest Blogger

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it. Everything you post doesn’t have to be your own original content. There’s nothing wrong with featuring an interview with tips from industry leaders, or featuring a guest blogger or article in your newsletter. If the goal is to help your clients and provide good content, then creating partnerships with others in your field creates a stronger community and it will help build trust within your client relationship.

Some will say that email marketing is dead. Email marketing isn’t dead, but it’s spam self-promoting email that gets ignored. If you’re looking to provide good content, then email marketing is quite alive, and if it’s paired correctly with your other online endeavors, your relationship with your client can be even stronger.