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A great way to think of content marketing and blogging is to think of it as telling a story. Telling a good story that is effective in the marketing world is definitely an art. Why is telling a story in your marketing endeavors so important? Because it helps you connect with your audience. The best way to communicate with your audience is by connecting with them through storytelling.  With research and practice, telling your story becomes easier as you go.

Know Your Audience

So what’s the first step to creating a good marketing story? You’ve got to know your audience. Who are you targeting? Who will benefit from this information? Who will see themselves in your marketing story and benefit from your wisdom and solutions? How will you tell your story so that your target audience will benefit? There are a lot of questions in the beginning, but the more you know your audience, the fewer questions you will have. You cannot be everything to everyone, but by engaging your target audience, you will grow your customer base.

Create a Goal

Set your customers up for a goal or solution to their problem at the very beginning of your blog. Let them know exactly what they can expect from the very beginning, and you will grab their attention. Where is the customer now, and where do they want to go? A great example is from Copyblogger; “How to Find More Content Ideas Than You’ll Ever Create”. For the customer, creating content ideas for marketing is the problem, your solution as a content marketer is a wealth of content ideas. The meat of your story will be how you are going to help the customer meet that end goal. Whether its tips to getting them the end result they’re looking for, or it’s laying it out for them like this blog is doing, you’ve got the solutions to get your customer to their goal.

Know the Obstacles

So what are the obstacles for your readers (and hopefully customers) that you will help them overcome? What is standing in their way to achieving the goal that is set for them? If you present a problem, know how you can help your customer find success at the end of that tunnel. You may not be able to solve all of the external problems your customer is facing, but you can offer sound advice and tangible solutions to the internal goals. Often, internal goals are the hardest to overcome, and they make your story more compelling to the customer anyway. Position your company and services as a way to guide and help your customer get through the obstacle that in their way.

Create Loyalty

Yes, we all have trust issues. Especially in this crazy age of digital marketing where everyone is an ‘expert’. . So many ‘experts’ these days are offering up empty content as a way to get quick customers to spend a lot of money. If you aren’t honest with your customers, you won’t earn their loyalty. Some of your solutions may have to tackle difficult issues. You may have to actually address problems like cost of service. Of course nobody like to talk about money, but if you’re honest about who you are, what you do, how you can help, you will gain their trust and their loyalty.

ContentMarketingInstitute puts creating loyalty in your marketing blog into great context; “Storytelling is not intended to be a “selling” tool; it’s a method of building strong relationships with your customers and a thriving community of loyalists over time.”

There are several ways to earn the loyalty of your audience, and in doing so, market you own services. This loyalty you are earning from your audience is part of your marketing story. Be the mentor that your customer needs to solve their content marketing problems. By creating a relationship with your customer, you create loyalty which leads to more leads and higher sales.


4 Ways to Win the Loyalty of Your Customers With Your Marketing Story

1) Give them something for free. It isn’t that the free offer is what will gain your customer’s trust, it’s what the free content offers. If you’re going to give something for free, make sure that’s its good. If it’s worth your customer’s time to read or watch, they’ll want more.

2) Post good storytelling content often. Most content marketers will tell you that you should be posting at least three times a week.

3) Be consistent. Don’t go crazy and post a bunch of content, (regardless of how good it is), and then disappear for a while. You’ll disappear off the radar, and you’ll lose your customers trust.

4) Help them with at least one problem. You don’t need to go overboard with lists of industry or marketing problems. Sometime addressing one problem, and offering up only one viable solution is enough.


Make That Connection

Your online content and blog has to tell the story of your business. It cannot be said enough just how powerful a good content marketing can be. You can create emotion, solve problems and spark conversation. It’s about the connection that human beings need as a communication tool. In such a noisy marketing world, it’s the connection you create that will set you apart. It’s your story, so you need to be the expert in telling it. Connect with your customer one on one. You don’t have write your blog as though you’re solving all of the problems for the whole business. In creating and maintaining a connection with your audience, you are communicating and engaging with them. New marketing concepts are about engaging and conversing with the customer. It’s no longer about telling them what to do.  The customer needs to feel that they are participating in the story of their company. They are an active part of the overall concept, struggle and solution.