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A good landing page can mean the difference between a potential lead or yet another person who quickly skimmed through your site before moving on.

Essentially, any page on your site can be a landing page. As Roberta Rosenberg, a landing page copywriting expert, tells CopyBlogger, “… Every page should be optimized to move your visitor along whatever path you’ve set forth toward a sale, a newsletter or blog subscription, what have you.”

Just how important is landing page content? Companies with 40 or more landing pages receive 12 times more leads than those with five or less, according to Hubspot, and companies with 30 or more receive seven times more leads than companies with 10 or less. Furthermore, nearly half of marketers build a new landing page for each new campaign.

Translation: landing pages are critical to your company’s success. However, as MarketingSherpa says in its Landing Page Handbook (Second Edition), the main reason businesses don’t use landing pages is because they simply don’t know how to set them up or are too overloaded. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in Toronto are making a go of it yourself, these five tips will help your landing pages convert:

  1. The Hourglass Style of Writing: Journalism students are taught to write using an inverted pyramid, with the most important information at the top. The least important part of the story is at the bottom – the stuff that’s mostly likely to face the chopping block if the story is too long. That’s not what you’re going for with your landing page. Your most important paragraphs should be at the beginning and end. Furthermore, your most salient points should be at the beginning of each paragraph.
  2. A Little Clarity: You need a clear call to action, as CopyBlogger says, meaning your copy should tell someone what to do, whether it’s in graphic buttons or hot-linked text. Rosenberg tells CopyBlogger that she uses two calls to action in a short landing page, three to five for longer ones. And when writing, stick the basics: keep it simple, clear and to the point. This isn’t “War and Peace.” There’s no reason to wax poetic or show off how incredibly creative you can get with your writing.
  3. Does Size Matter?: If you’re looking for digital marketing agencies in Toronto, ask to view some of their landing pages. How long are they? Are most of them short and tight, or are they 1,000-plus words? Ultimately, it shouldn’t matter how long your landing page text is as long as it doesn’t read like it’s long. Rosenberg says, “Think longer copy when you’re looking to close a sale. Think shorter copy for a subscription sign-up or something that doesn’t necessarily require a cash commitment.” You should also keep the first paragraph short, as in, one to two lines.
  4. Visualize It: CopyBlogger suggests designing your landing page on paper and include where your text, buttons and design elements will go. This will help you figure out what content will be seen “above the fold.” If your readers have to scroll down, include more calls to action “below the fold.”
  5. Headlines are Critical: As Unbounce says, your headline is the first thing visitors will see. Effective landing page headlines have focus (don’t be vague), relevance (make sure it relates to the offer) and underscore the benefits.


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