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Marvin Russell of MySiteAuditor recently put together a list of the top SEO blogs for My Website Professional. We’ve taken his list and added some details. Know of a SEO blog that didn’t make this list? Let us know; send an email to

1. The Moz Blog

Why it made this list: Moz sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software and has a blog that’s updated daily, with compelling topics.

Must read: Take the SEO Expert Quiz and Rule the Internet

2. Search Engine Land

Why it made this list: One of the premiere sites for search engine news, Search Engine Land updates its site several times a day and has the latest industry news.

Must read: Did Google Panda 4.0 Go After Press Release Sites?

3. QuickSprout

Why it made this list: One of Nimble Media’s favorite sites – and not just for the free analytics reports – Neil Patel’s site is an industry leader when it comes to SEO news, with share-worthy blog posts by some of the most prominent writers in the industry.

Must read: How to Create an SEO Friendly Infinite Scrolling Page 

4. YouMoz

Why it made this list: One of four Moz blog sites, more of the same great news and analysis.

Must read: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Google Analytics with Site Search

5. Matt Cutts

Why it made this list: When you’re talking about the titans of the industry, you don’t get much bigger than the head of Google’s webspam team. Even though Cutts doesn’t update his site very often, when he blogs, the entire SEO universe listens. Consider the huge waves he created with the below blog post from January.

Must read: The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO


Why it made this list: SEOBOOK offers an SEO training program, but the learning doesn’t stop there. The blog is informative and covers topics you won’t necessarily find somewhere else.

Must read: Please Remove My Link. Or Else.

7. Rand Fishkin

Why it made this list: Even though the co-founder of Moz doesn’t update his blog very often, when he does, it’s always a worth reading.

Must read: Queries & Clicks May Influence Google’s Results More Directly Than Previously Suspected

8. Search Engine Watch

Why it made this list: A news site for all-things search engine-related, the site is constantly updated with great content and covers a variety of industry topics.

Must read: Here’s Why Your Editorial Calendar Isn’t Working

9. SearchEngineJournal

Why it made this list: SEJ follows all the latest news and industry trends, plus all posts are written by industry experts who know what they’re talking about.

Must read: 7 Essential LinkedIn Marketing Stats: When to Post, What to Post and How to Improve

10. Bruce Clay

Why it made this list: One of the top search engine optimization company’s, Bruce Clay’s blogs are always ahead of the curve.

Must read: 8 Actionable AdWords Tips for PPC Managers

11. SEO by the Sea

Why it made this list: Bill Slawskis blog is a watchdog for all things search engine related, from page rankings to patent filings.

Must read: Google’s Paid Link Patent

12. Search Engine Roundtable

Why it made this list: The site reports on the all the latest news and threads from various search engine marketing forums.

Must read: Does Deleting Your Web History At Google Really Do Anything?

13. Digital Relevance

Why it made this list: The mission behind Digital Relevance? “To earn game-changing online media for our clients.” Insightful blog shows these guys know what they’re doing.

Must read:  The Role of Social Media in Consumer Decision Making

14. Daily SEO Blog

Why it made this list: We’d love to see more blog posts from Daily SEO Blog, but they make each one count. Posts are high-impact, super relevant.

Must read: Here Are All The Websites That Google Penalized SEOs For Link Building

15. Copyblogger

Why it made this list: All you need to know about Copyblogger can be found on their “About Us” section: “Since January 2006, Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content. Not bland corporate crap created to fill up a company webpage. Valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business.” 

Must read: How to Plug the Holes in Your Content Funnel That Are Costing You Money

16. David Naylor

Why it made this list: David Naylor, the managing director at Bronco, covers search marketing and digital trends.

Must read: Google Confirms Google Panda 4.0 Is Operational As More “Spammy Queries” Are Cleaned

17. UpCity

Why it made this list: UpCity offers inbound marketing and SEO software that helps you obtain free traffic. The blog is updated daily and includes lots of “how to” articles, packed with great information.

Must read: How to Create an Account on Locr

18. SEO Theory

Why it made this list: Just saying the words “algorithm analysis” and “web community relationship analysis” is enough to cause most people’s eyes to roll to the back of their heads, but SEO Theory puts those topics in plain English so that you have a complete understanding of the latest trends.

Must read: Why SEO Data Doesn’t Match Reality

19. ClickZ

Why it made this list: Insightful, impact-driven topics that pertain to all-things SEO.

Must read: Are Panda 4.0 and Payday 2.0 Giving You Issues?

20. Marketing Pilgrim

Why it made this list: Marketing Pilgrim stays on top of the latest news and reviews related to online advertising and internet marketing. 

Must read: A beginner’s guide to the difference between PPC and SEO

21. Search Engine Guide

Why it made this list: Search Engine Guide prides itself as a sources of news and information on search marketing for small businesses.

Must read: Are You Launching Sinking Websites?


Why it made this list: Finally, a blog that focuses on video content and marketing. 

Must read: Trending Tools: Use Them to Create Smarter Video Content

23. Higher Visibility

Why it made this list:

Must read: What NOT to Do When Curating Content

24. Yoast

Why it made this list: Yoast is a must-have for anyone who uses WordPress. They also produce a must-read blog.

Must read: Should we move to an all HTTPS web?

25. John Battelle’s Search Blog

Why it made this list: Another industry titan, John Battelle has a hand in or co-founded endeavors like Wired Magazine and Federated Media Publishing. 

Must read: Programmatic Needs Context

26. BacklinkO

Why it made this list: Backlinko made its name as an SEO site that’s practical and informative, all in the name of generating traffic and leads.

Must read: The Definitive Guide to Keyword Research

27. OptimizePrime

Why it made this list: Harris Schachter is a digital marketing expert who knows more about digital marketing than most of the so-called experts combined.

Must read: How I Grew Sales 400% With Just Instagram & SEO

28. SEOno

Why it made this list: Steve Morgan, a freelance SEO consultant, gives the type of advice on his blog that can help anyone in the business.

Must read: 4 Examples Of Soft 404s On Big Websites

29. WordStream

Why it made this list: Ever spent hours looking for specific information or that one really great quote or stat? You won’t have to look far on this blog.

Must read: 21 Expert Content Marketing Tips from the Best AMAs

30. Zazzle

Why it made this list: From content marketing to design and graphics outreach to Google penalty recover, Zazzle is one of the biggest names in the digital marketing industry, and their blog reflects that.

Must read: What Does Audience Insight Mean for Facebook Marketers?