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Trying to follow the latest trends on how to increase web traffic can be confusing and leave you in a constant game of catch up. It isn’t that Google’s algorithm changes in the past year aren’t important, but they shouldn’t be totally relied upon. There are several things you can do to increase traffic to your website and help develop leads and sales.

Post More Content

You may hear this time and time again, but that’s because it is one of the most important cornerstones to driving traffic to your site. Blogging isn’t just for guys sitting in their mom’s basement who think they’re the next best film critic. Writing good content in a blog that really targets your key audience helps drive that web traffic. The more you post, the more you’re putting yourself out there, plus it’s more content for search engines to find. Say you have 500 posts. If just 10 people visit each article or blog per day, that’s 5,000 views.

Of course, writing and posting 500 articles takes time. And it will take time to capture a loyal audience, but don’t fret; everyone goes through those growing phases. Obviously, it’s easier to reach an established audience than having to push for every new customer that you can get. If you keep posting relevant, good copy or engaging, emotional videos, you’ll eventually grow your audience. Once you’ve got that established audience, your content will spread easily.

But posting more content isn’t just about having a high volume, it’s about the consistency in which you post. Industry experts like Amy Porterfield recommend at least two to three blog posts per week. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too much content, but you need to be reliable in the frequency with which you post.

With each post, make sure you’re sharing through whatever established social networks you’re on. Social shares are definitely a way to get web traffic hits up. The more content you push through social networks, the more social shares your audience will reward you with.

Here are just a few tips to drive traffic through social shares:

1)       Once people click on the link to your article via Facebook, Twitter or any other social site, offer a simple pop up that let’s your customer enter an email address if they want to receive more great content.

2)       Offer mini-webinars through social media that are just a taste of what other great tips and help you can offer them if they sign up to receive more. Once you’ve really established yourself, you can turn those returning viewers into paying customers. If what you offer is valuable, people will pay for it.

3)       “Bribe” your potential customers. In other words, give them something in return for liking you, sharing your links or signing up. It’s an easy and extremely effective way to increase your traffic in a short amount of time.


Obviously, there are a lot of other ways to increase your social shares, social traffic, increase your web traffic, and blogging gurus like Jeff Bullas offer over 50 great tips to do so. And yes, Jeff will ask for your email before he lets you see that wealth of knowledge.

Stand Out

Be the leader in your industry for the expert advice you offer. Don’t just offer up opinions; instead, offer up real news that can carve out a niche for business. It doesn’t help anyone if what you’re writing about (no matter how frequently) is just regurgitated from everything else that’s out there. Be bold in what you have to say, regardless if it’s popular or even against what some others are saying in your field.

A great example of standing out is just buy Googling “social media trends.” The number of articles that pop up is incredible. There are no shortage of bloggers out there, scrambling for a piece of the pie by writing about social media. So what’s different about any of them? How well the posts are written is one of the key elements for standing out among the crowd. There’s a lot of bad writing out there, so post really well written content, and you’ll automatically stand out. You will also attract a targeted audience, which will help with your leads rather than watering them down.

Get Referrals from Industry Partners

If you have a decent following for your business and the services you offer, then finding industry partners should be your next step. Partnering up doesn’t mean you’re decreasing your traffic or sales. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Choosing a good partner in the industry can boost your web traffic and make you even stronger.

You don’t have to publish your work alone. Invite colleagues and other industry leaders to guest post on your site. They’ll bring along their followers, which will introduce a whole new audience to your site. Partnering up can also add credibility to your site.  If you’re trying to grow your audience (when are we not?), then getting a nod from a more established voice in the business lends a stamp of approval to your work. Get a great content producer to endorse your site and you’ll notice that highly sought after target market will increase your traffic.

Last but not least, go after the referral market traffic. If you ask a content producer to guest write for you, ask if you can guest write for them. Offer up a little bit of great content or mention a writers page, and many times they’ll refer you right back. Whether you do this through social media networks or straight from your page, it’s an important connection that should be made.

Google isn’t the only thing that matters when thinking of ways to increase your web traffic. There are a variety of ways to boost your analytics, and these key targeted practices will help grow your following even without the help of Google.