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Companies that blog generate leads. According to Social Media B2B, companies that regularly blog generate almost 70 percent more leads than those that don’t.

But try blogging about the same company two to five days a week. It can be daunting to come up with fresh, engaging content.

The same goes for social media work. After a while, those tweets and posts all seem to sound the same.

But this sort of writer apathy happens to everyone, whether you’re a freelance writer working for a small mom-and-pop agency, or if you’re a staffer at one of the big digital marketing agencies in Toronto. Follow these five steps to jump-start your content marketing strategy:

  1. Stop Blogging Regularly: There’s a reason why digital marketing experts recommend blogging on a consistent schedule: Over time, it trains the readers to come back to your site. One digital marketing agency, Haden Interactive, says it increased traffic to its lab site by 3,000 percent in one year by blogging every day. However, the site eventually stopped regularly blogging – and saw its traffic decrease by close to 57 percent. If that doesn’t motivate you to blog consistently, then consider this little nugget: companies that blog 15 times or more each month garner five times more traffic than companies that do not, according to HubSpot. The same goes for social media management. It’s not the end of the world if you skip a day or two, but over time, it creates the perception that you don’t care or are lazy. Plus, your “likes” will stagnate. Solution: Write evergreen posts a week in advance. Schedule your social media work at least a week in advance, too. You should still spend time each day checking for news and fresh content. But most of what you do can be taken care of well in advance.
  2. Lazy writing, copy editing: Your boss or client is breathing down your neck. When’s that post going to be ready? Even the most veteran writers struggle to make deadlines sometimes. It’s real easy to slip into bad habits when that’s the case. But your readers will notice if you slop through your copy just to meet some arbitrary deadline. Remember, it’s better to be a few hours late in publishing great content than it is to be early with copy that’s poorly researched and full of grammatical errors. Solution: If the bottleneck stems from a lack of fresh ideas, then Business 2 Community  recommends seeking out inspiration from other successful marketers and asking around for potential topics to write about. If the problem stems from the sheer volume of work, then it may be time to work on your schedule and reprioritize. Or you could consider farming out the work to one of the big digital marketing agencies in Toronto, California or elsewhere. According to the Content Marketing Institute, about 50 percent of marketers outsource at least some of their content.
  3. Ignore images: Adults’ attention span is about eight seconds, and, according to the Nielson Norman Group, consumers have time to read about 28 percent of the content on a site during a visit. That’s why you need visuals like infographics, videos and photos. Ninety percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Solution: Look for videos that pair well with your blog posts, and make sure nothing is published without a photo. If you don’t want to contract out a graphics artist, consider DIY graphic design sites like Piktochart.


meniceJake Rigdon is the executive editor at Nimble Media, a content marketing firm based out of Toronto. You can reach him on FacebookLinkedInGoogle+Twitter or by email at