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Devour is a curator of online viral videos. It was featured in a recent Time Magazine article profiling the top websites of 2012. The site uploads 5-10 awesome videos each weekday and is well worth your time. About 6 months ago I decided to launch a website similar to Devour –> Of course, in order to stay on top of the blog and post super relevant content, I needed to find sources other than Devour. So here is a list of websites that I frequent, which offer similarly awesome video curation. Images are clickable through to the site 🙂

1) Devour

2) Qlty Ctrl

Ok. Bias on the table… I own and operate But so what, right? Why not shill for your own brand? I’ll even further admit that certainly some of the inspiration to launch Qlty was my affinity for Devour. So check it out. I hope you like it.

3) Wimp


4) Best of YouTube

5) Cultso

6) Funny or Die

7) Jest

8) Laughing Squid

9) Vimeo Staff Picks

10) YouTube Trends on Twitter

Of course, I’m always looking for more wicked video sites to source content. If you know of any cool sites, plug em’ in the comments. Thanks!