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The latest online trend for businesses is creating a mobile app. Should your business have one? Yes. There is a list of reasons why it’s important beyond just being the new thing all the cool kids are doing. If building a mobile app for your business is part of your online plan, you should know why you’re doing it and how to maximize all of the benefits of a mobile app so that your business has a chance to grow.


First and foremost, creating a mobile app allows integration across all of your online platforms. You can easily integrate all of your social media while keeping only the most important parts of your website. Why is this important? A mobile app is a one stop shop for everything a potential customer will need to know about your business. With one touch, that potential customer should be able to learn what he wants to know, interact with your business, and feel like he has gained something of value by using your app.

Stay Relevant

Publish information on your mobile app that is relevant to the audience that is using it. The latest statistics show that mobile apps will equal, if not overtake, traditional online access. The latest statistics, as illustrated in the diagram by Flurry Analytics below, show that 80 percent of IOS and Android users spend time on apps rather than a traditional mobile browser.


Help Measure Your Analytics

Most mobile apps have the admin component that will allow you to measure your analytics all in one place. If you’ve integrated all of your online platforms with your app, you’ll be able to measure your analytics much more easily. You can gather all of the relevant data that can actually help your business thrive. You’ll be able to know your customers behavior within the app and any organic leads to the app. You’ll also be able to measure important data such as the platform where they found you, other online habits, and your users’ experiences once they’re on any of your online platforms.


Unlike a traditional website, you don’t need to include everything about your company in your mobile app. You can include only the most important tabs about what you do and who you are. It’s like hitting the easy button for your customers. If they want more information, they’ll be able to access it from your website. You can even create an app that is customizable based on each individual’s preferences, from the font to the color of the app.

Fewer Clicks

With more customization comes fewer clicks and hassle for your customers. They’ll be able to access just the information they need and want, and none that they don’t. If you find that many of your customers are going offsite to access your full website, you can track those behaviors and include what they are going to the website for in your app.

Increase Engagement

If you create only the best experience for your customer, you’ll have the maximum engagement. The better their experience is within your app, the more chances you’ll have to engage them. Why is customer engagement so important? Because in this age of content marketing, customer engagement is what will set you apart from competitors. Your customers want to feel that they are being heard and that what they say matters. You are not just a large conglomerate corporation that doesn’t care about its customers. You are there to listen, give feedback, and cater to your customer’s needs.

Reach New Customers

Once you’re integrated across all of your platforms, this will give your company more opportunities to find you and your services. If they find you on Facebook, now they find your website. Connect your Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest and any other profiles that you’re managing. Having a mobile app also gives customers the chance to find you in iTunes or the Google app store. You will find that you’re getting a lot more customers that just relying on them finding you directly.

Create Offers

Most mobile app platforms allow you to customize and offer prizes and other special offers exclusively through your app. Those offers can be pushed out to those customers who have downloaded your app. They can show up as a text message or an alert once they’ve clicked on the app to open it. If you give out exclusive content through your app, your customer will feel the value in keeping and sharing the app. If you have multiple sites, like the Albuquerque-based company AppCityLIfe, you can have an umbrella app that can promote all of your apps within it. You can also single out each business app and offer deals, discounts and merchandise to that audience alone.

Market Yourself

Mobile apps also create opportunity for you to market your business. By offering the exclusive deals and by cross-promotion on  all of your online platforms, you’ve increased your online visibility.  Not everyone has a huge marketing budget, this we know. But by cross-promoting yourself, you can reach an even bigger audience than you would have promoting only one platform alone.

Make Customer Service Easily Accessible

By eliminating all of the extra clicks and tabs that aren’t needed in a much more simplified app, you can make customer support more simplified and convenient for your customer. Customer support will also be easier to handle on your end. Not all customer service needs to be related to problems either. Several banks have taken advantage of mobile app simplicity. For example, Bank of America offers mobile deposit options where the customer takes a photo of their check to deposit and uploads it to the service. By doing this, they eliminated many of the steps needed to make a deposit.

All businesses will need to develop plans to create and launch a mobile app at some point in the near future. Economic and social trends are pointing towards this necessity. Not only can a mobile app help grow your business, which hopefully translates into sales, but it keeps you in contact with your customers and creates a better experience for the user.