Nimble Media is a portfolio of digital brands. Started in 2011, we have grown organically to five distinct brands, highlighted below. Though separate brands at the marketing level, Nimble is one corporate entity and the teams work closely together in specific contexts. Think business units or departments within a broader corporate entity.

Nimble is a remote firm, headquartered in Toronto, ON. We have an office at the intersection of Yonge and Eglinton, though being remote the team floats in and out at their discretion. is our first major brand. A professional writing service, we help by providing excellent written content and copy that helps you further your content marketing and general marketing efforts. From copy for your website to blogs to even full whitepapers and e-books, we have a team full of veteran content writers to help turn your vision into a reality. We also partner with marketing agencies so they can better manage their workload and grow their business by selling our white-labelled content. is our second major brand @ Nimble Media. A PR Outreach Service, we make it feasible for companies of all sizes to reap the benefits of PR with gig-service projects and pricing. We offer a full suite of subscription-based PR options to help expand the reach of your brand and products, from guest posts to press outreach. Take the legwork out of becoming a thought leader in your field with our help. is an extension of our professional writing service. Real estate is a burgeoning field across the board, but it can be difficult for real estate brokers/companies and adjacent businesses to stand apart from the pack. We help this process by creating authoritative and accessible content specifically for the real estate field. Our writers can cover all your content needs, from social media to blogs to web copy. is a lead generation service focusing on using LinkedIn to generate leads. Our process begins by helping optimize your Linkedin profile for SEO and other important metrics, then narrowing down your target market and creating a messaging/content calendar that targets this market exactly. The more leads you add and the more you leverage the power of Linkedin, the better for your sales and bandwidth.